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• 8/5/2016

Eternum Guild Family (Main Guild 4800+ power, Reserve Guild 3000+ power)

Hey guys,

The Eternum guild family currently consists of three guilds, Eternum (main guild), Arcanum (reserve guild), and Imperium (reserve guild). We are one of the oldest guilds in Deckstorm and have a lot of active, dedicated players.

What are we about? We are a competitive bunch and quite simply, are looking to dominate the game through the use of good communication, active participation, and by helping each other.

How do we function?

Players that have high deck power, significant guild contributions (recruiting, leadership, or otherwise), good growth potential, and activity are able to move to the main guild (Eternum) based on merit in these criteria. Everyone else gets placed into the reserve guilds. In our eyes, members of our reserve guilds are no less important, part of our guild family and a huge portion of our strength. They are competitive in their own right.

Who do we recruit? There are a few main criteria.

Activity: that's not to say that you can't take a vacation, but let everyone know.

Strength: you must be willing to compete in the arena and in future guild events.

Communication: you must use line app.

What is our guild strength?

Eternum: approximately 4600 deck power across 28 players (165 deck power on average per player).

Arcanum: approximately 2900 deck power across 30 players (95 deck power on average per player).

Imperium: approximately 3000 deck power across 29 players (105 deck power on average per player).

For information, please contact Cyrilix on line or post below!

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• 8/7/2016
What's your recruitment criteria
• 8/11/2016

I just played the game for a week and I love it =)) What do I have to offer to be able to join your guild?

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