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This wiki is run by a community dedicated to helping Players and Fans, like you, to find the best familiars and learn tactics to get the most out of your Deckstorm experience.

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The Deckstorm Wikia Community is very new and we need your help to improve it. I am talking with DeNA about getting content data in an easily digestible form but until then we need help with manually building pages. Please do not hesitate to create pages and if you are an experienced Wikia maintainer/content creater please reach out to me:

Message Wall:Tehaaron

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What kind of information would you find most helpful on this wiki? Please let me know by leaving a message on my wall: Message Wall:Tehaaron

We are currently exploring a way to get and import all card data. Anyone with knowledge on programmatically updating wikis and/or pulling game data please contact me via the message wall above.

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