Players can create or join an existing Guild to team up with fellow Provenants. Guilds can be made public or private and support up to 30 members. The Guild Leader can set the Guild’s name, banner, introductory message and announcement text, as well as define the permissions of its assigned Officers.

Within a Guild, a player is defined by their username, current leader Card, and their current Ranked Arena Tier icon. Last login info of each Guildmate is also displayed, useful for determining how committed your members are to helping you restore the Sacred Spire. In addition to accepting new member requests (for private Guilds), the Guild Leader (or Officers with proper permissions) can promote, demote, or kick members from the Guild. Creating a strong social connection between trusted Guildmates will be essential for future Guild updates. 


A private chat channel between you and your Guildmates becomes available once you’ve joined a Guild. Discuss strategies, share moments of triumph, or even just get to know your members better. Guild Chat also automatically broadcasts when your Guildmates get EPIC or LEGENDARY Cards! For a more open discussion, the player can always switch to any of the “PUBLIC CHAT” channels.