Thieves in Deckstorm are a class represented primarily by thin and or acrobatic humanoids. Thieves have the highest average speed of the currently available classes and have high attack, magic attack, and medium magic defense. The largest weakness of the thief is their very low defense. Thief spells are based on buffing allies or debuffing enemies by changing turn order with initiative. Initiative on an ally allows them to act before the card opposite of it and the effect is inversed on enemies. Thief abilities commonly have blitz so they can make the order alterations before actions are taken. Thieves have the potential to work very well with ancients and heavies to both increase hand speed, and grant quick excecution of disrupting abilities. A thief centric deck could work however it would not be applying thieves to their best abilities as they primarily already have high speed and blitz so the initiative wouldn't change much.